There are ideas and projects that, when realized, have a flavor and a particular meaning. The idea of darteq was originate from the passion and the experiences of his Italian founder. But darteq was born in 2012 in Sweden, with the ambition of responding, in an organized an flexible manner, to the growing interested for augmented reality services. darteq lives and works in the world with a high level of specialization in methodologies and technologies. In the dynamic reality of the service industry in Sweden, emerges the experience of darteq which projecting itself in the local context as well as in international and foreign markets.

The real potential of darteq is represented in its team that “supply products and perform services” thought up in Sweden and headed for the continually evolving markets, with interdisciplinary perfection and extreme flexibility. The primary objective of darteq is to experiment with innovative solutions and to apply the results gathered during the research activity. We are in contact and we collaborate with center of research and universities in Sweden and in Europe.

In order to be able to face the growing market demand for more and more complex solutions, darteq favors, supports and promotes strategic partnerships, in order to increase our perspective achievements.